Muzaffarpur Ashram case

Muzaffarpur Ashram New Delhi: Five people, including Brajesh Thakur, were given life sentences in the Muzaffarpur Ashram, leaving the country shocked.  The other accused were convicted under sections, including Brajesh Thakur, the main accused in the case.  The sentence of life imprisonment till the last breath was directed by a Supreme Court of Delhi on Tuesday, February 29, in the case of Bihar.  Muzaffarpur Local court of Bihar alleged that many girls from the district's child labor have been sexually and physically abused by the District Court in Saket, Delhi.  There was a stir throughout the country after the Poxo court in the area came forward.

The CBI had on January 5 filed a charge sheet against the Poxo law in this case.  According to them, under the various sections of the section, Brajesh Thakur has been sentenced to 19 and both have been found guilty of rape and gang rape.  Were.  Additional Sessions Judge Saurabh Tata Institute of Social Science sentenced May 7, Kulshrestha, on Tuesday.  After the report of the Bihar government on 7th of the convicts, a shocking case came to the notice of Brajesh Thakur, Dilip Kumar Verma, Ravi Roshan and Vikas.  Kumar and Vijaykumar Tiwari were allegedly sexually assaulted by the CBI in the ashram house, the CBI said in a report.  There were about 6 girls and government lawyer Amit Jindal.  In addition to medical tests of sexual abuse, apart from Good Patel, Kishan Kumar and Ramanuja, anger was spread across the country.

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