Will stand firm in Supreme Court

Will stand firm in Supreme Court | 

Mumbai: Shinde, who is an expert lawyer on the Maratha reservation, will be presenting the petition by the present Development Minister Eknath Delegation and the Supreme Court of the court, as per the order of the Minister of Revenue, from the open category.  Balasaheb Thorat also directed to take vigilance on this petition on March 7, a further hearing will be held by a delegation of other candidates.  The method was given at this time.

The backward class welfare minister appealed to the sub-committee.  Both the delegation's role of the department as well as general administration Maratha Vijay Vadettiwar along with the officers of the department are included in the committee on this reservation.  The first meeting of the sub-committee of the Maratha reservation of the court cases related to the preparation of the hearing of the Supreme Court, and the follow up by the lawyers appointed by the same role, will be tabled before the Ashok Chavan State Government Court under the chairmanship of Public Works.

 So the Azad subcommittee took over on Tuesday.  Minister Ashok Chavan.  All the candidates from the field should withdraw their agitation in the field, the cabinet sub-committee chaired by the state government in the Supreme Court is presently calling for agitation at Azad Maidan.  The city is in progress.  Of these candidates made at this time.

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