What action did you take in eight years?

The injustice of the Maratha community against the Maratha Armaan Magnaniyama without singing that Kajal Jamal like Shawama M Azad is the movement of the Maratha candidates in the field.  Mumbai: Maratha community candidates have been in jobs for seven months while the Maratha reservation is applicable and has been eligible for seven months, but they are waiting for appointments in the Maratha community.  In order to make appointments, candidates are being left out.  According to Article 8 GR, eight protests of the last eight government governments have come out for this demand and it is compulsory to hold free field from the appointed days. 

Still, the candidates are protesting against the government, and the state protests against the government on Tuesday.  Accepting our demands, agitators have warned that if the demands are not met, then the agitation will intensify.  Was told.

What action did you take in eight years?. 

Mumbai: Belkar Pada in Mira - Bhayandar, Advocate on behalf of 2 Ajay Pathak on the plot of tribals of Pada in connection with illegal waste being dumped here demanding that Belkar be undone within the limits of Mira - Bhayandar Municipality.  Ram Upadhyay has been dumping garbage for years to complain even after complaining.  Gale filed a petition in the High Court.  During the hearing, on Tuesday, the court properly reprimanded the abolitionist municipality administration for the last eight years.  Over the past eight illegal dumping grounds, the Mira-Bhayandar Municipality has been spreading this matter over the illegal dumping grounds to the local authorities on a good bench.  Complained to the concerned and took action?  Why is the issue of justice not taken into account by such an aggravating question?  Meera - Bhayandar Shahrukh Kathawala and Justice B.K.  P.

 Is the administration responsible for the municipality as well as the citizens are suffering from the smell?  Colaba's bench was present.  In the words of the court, the action taken by the administration so far in setting up unauthorized huts has come two days.  Find out more about this.  What steps have not been taken so far in this regard, but the municipality has taken the matter to inform the Commissioner under RTI present in the court?  What action was taken?  Relatives are being avoided that they will be ordered to remain informed.  The court ordered the affidavit to be issued within two days.  The high court handed over the land to the municipality to clear the waste.

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