Indicators begin to sit at the top of the cab

Indicators begin to sit at the top of the cab  Mumbai: For the convenience of the passengers, it is not long to see whether there are two sittings.  Since February, the rickshaw - the indicator at the taxi end has begun to be set up on the road for the passenger rickshaw.  Stayed and keep doing hands.  Indicators have been decided by the state Department of Transport to remove the new ones that are registered from the date of inconvenience.  Is an indicator.  Indicators have been prepared to provide the Indicators for free.  As a result, they are giving out on 1st February.  Indicators are being installed for the first 5 rickshaw-taxis to be registered at Andheri, Taddeo RTO.  These 3 companies will be installing free Indicators _ Rickshaw - Travelers are trying to catch a taxi.  Each of the 3 indicators has to be implemented by these companies.  Rickshaw - Taxi drivers are nearby fare.  After seeing the response, they will reject the decision, while in the taxi-reservation, who will decide?

The loss of MHADA after being designated as 'Padhakaran' has been emphasized in the affairs of Mumbai: MHADA.  After the process was taken at a very slow pace, it was observed that there were six settlements in Mhada, Mumbai, which was rapidly being redeveloped.  Mhada has the authority to make it happen and it has thousands of buildings.  Formerly a private appointee on resource income, however, is included.  As a developer, these buildings have been adversely affected by Mhada.  After making this appointment, the development plan of various municipalities as well as 4 sq.  Voting permits and outlays for loss in excess of the burdens should get permission from the approved department.  This process has been lodged with the decision to exclude tax.  Most of the time was spent with MHAD instead of BMC.  The collection has also declined.  This municipal corporation has attained special status as an authority due to the decision of the municipality.  MHADA has emerged as the authority for redevelopment during this period, indicating a loss of rupee as a major source of income.

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