Bigot Visei, Nalasopara, Virar in some parts of Narasopara

Bigot Visei, Nalasopara, Virar in some parts of Narasopara  Mumbai: It has to withstand 5 kV of gravity.  Vasai, Virar in the morning  1 to 3.  Closed for 1.  Due to the failure of Virar MVA's Rohriat under Narasopara sub-station on Monday and 9/1 KV orange sub-station in some parts of Nalasopara, the power supply has been shut down till Saturday.  Asha and Vihar Industries, the Gupcha power supply was broken.  Meanwhile, under the Nalasopara sub-station, Tulinj, about 3,000 customers of the area were inspected by Vigyanagar, Rahmatnagar, Naginadas and electricity supply.  5 to noon  Immediately take up the Rohri replacement.  It will be closed until 3 o'clock.  There is discord.  Rohit will be operational by Friday, 9.

At this time, the power supply of consumers will be shut down by the information provided by the Mahaparekshan, about 3,000 east of Tarangana, Phulpada Road, Sahakara.  About 5,000 customers have arrived in the city area.  Santosh Bhuvan, Valipada, Bawashat, Tandopa, Electricity will be closed between 8am and 6pm.  3 / KV Bidder  In the Gauraipada area, around 3 thousand 3 KV Parol sub-stations in Kha are in the morning for electricity of more than short circuit current efficiency.  1 to 3.  ३० Sakavar, Chandip, Parol, Vajreshwari, Ganeshpuri will be closed from 2 MVA transformers in between.  Nalasopara flowed to around 3,000 customers in the West.  Due to this, there was a major deterioration of the power supply in the area.  1 to 3.  Consumption of fragmented electricity supply to 4 consumers will be closed during the power supply of approximately 3,000 customers.

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