A controversy broke out at Dundare village in Panvel

Navi Mumbai: A controversy broke out at Dundare village in Panvel.  The Patil family of Sharda Mali (1), who was allegedly abducted, was allegedly abducted by her husband and children by her family on Tuesday morning.  As the mangalsutra in the suspected death case continued on their own, the dispute was further exacerbated.  Has been found in the house.  One was under police investigation Thursday.  Meanwhile, the Sharda gardener was killed and his hair was burned.  Police said the murder and evidence came to police after the crime was registered in the Alka Gopal Patil case arrested by Mangalsutra police lying behind the cylinder near this window.

Therefore, this clause which increased the elimination clauses.  The report of the dissection in the Mangalsutra house has not been reported yet.  How about this  The challenge to find the answer to this question is now with the Mangalsutra Sharda police leading the case.  The case has been found in their house, Sharada Mali (2), from different Dundare village, her husband, Gopal Vitthal Patil, and Vanabai are turning up.  On the 3rd of February, Mangalsutra, purchased at night, fell into the hands of Arjun Dawane (1) and Hanuman Bhagwan Patil Mangalsutra living in that neighborhood.  Now, to show these Mangalsutra relatives, it was Monday, February 7, that someone entered the window that was chasing Chaudhajan Sharda, who was inside the house.  Sharda Mali, who was accused of stealing Panvel Mangalsutra, said that it was clear after an investigation that only a minor girl fled after her body was found.  The four had threatened to kill Sharda Mali with a Patil family who was living in the quarrel due to a senior police inspector of the Taluka police station.  Meanwhile, Sharda Ashok Rajput said.

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